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Infinity 7 Yacht


Our stunning Queen - Infinity 7 101 Ft is well-equipped with first-rate amenities and cutting-edge facilities to offer a memorable cruising experience for our guests. Perfect for corporate gatherings, mini events, conferences, intimate weddings, baby shower, team parties, get together, Family functions, couple treats, bachelor parties, family trips,
photoshoots etc.


  • Length: 101 Ft
  • Capacity: Up to 50 Pax
  • Cabin 1 Master . 2 VIP, 2 Double Sleep 12
  • Crew: Philippines, South Africa, India
  • Facilities: Extravagant AC lounge & Dining Area,Fully furnished AC bedrooms & bathrooms, Jacuzzi Facilities, Upper deck Lounge,
    Well equipped cabins etc.